Amaranth flour and quinoa are products obtained from milling and sieving the previously selected, cleaned, dried and packed in damp grains, and only in the case of the washed quinoa and shelled.

Flour, are the basic input for the preparation of a variety of foods aimed primarily at people intolerant to glutens absent in this type of flour protein component.

In the baking industry and pulp preparation using flour Amaranth and Quinoa in combination with other corn, potato, rice among others, obtaining products with high energy intake, protein, vitamins and dietary fiber is made.


For consumption, cooking pretreatment is needed, it is used more as part of breakfast. Both are high-quality food products that cover the space of natural or organic products.

Its main use is as a complement or substitute for oatmeal for breakfast, also can be used as an ingredient in the preparation of soups, juices, soft drinks and pastries in general. It is highly recommended for people who need to replenish energy daily wear.


closed and Ventilated enviroment

Temperature 18°C-20°C

Humidity: 40% – 50%

Airflow: 15 mls

Time Life: 18 months


Polypropylene bags of  0.5 to 7.0 Kg.

Polypropylene Paper Bag more 7.0 a 10.0 Kg.


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Asociación Israelita del Perú

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